Primarily the program covers intensive courses in drum- ming and dancing. These apart, teaching and learning of dance techniques and rhythm patterns also form an integral part of the workshops.
All courses will be directed and supervised by Emmanuel Gomado with the assistance of other qualified and expe- rienced dancers and drummers.

Five days a week there will be four hours of dancing and drum- ming lessons. Three evenings a week traditional songs will be learned, which will eventually be incorporated into the dances. Participation is possible for both - beginners and advanced.

If there is interest within the workshop a three days excursion to a traditional ritual in a village of Volta Region can be organized. This gives the opportunity to witness one of those real traditional dance ritual, which happen regularly  in the villages of this region. More- over excursions to Botanical Gardens in Aburi or other places of tourist interest can be organized by request. All excursions are at separate expenses of the participants.