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During their tours 2001, 2003 and 2004 the several times awarded big ensemble from Ghana caused with their performances every- where a sensation. Under the artistic direction of Emmanuel Gomado Odehe was filling the German public with enthusiasm at large festi- vals and concert halls.
The artists continued the
road of success in 2005 in Switzerland with an impressing culture event series for a major swiss insurance group. Beside the concerts on stage Odehe moulded the whole set of the African evenenings and let at the guests come in diving with all senses into a lively African market.

Emmanuel Gomado  presents with his ensemble after long years of intensive training a broad repertoire of traditional dances in  a nowadays rarely authenticity. His personal choreography and arrangement let an exceptional variety of ethnic songs, rhythms, dances and costumes blend to a sparkling African performance which enchants the soul.




Africa events


The current program consists of 40 ethnic dances from different African countries, which the artists present in an exceptional way: Although their performance is on a high level a very professional one, the ensemble is preserving a deeply moving natural charisma and is acting with an effortlessly seeming playful charm.

Watching Odehe is feeling Africa ...

During our tours concerts and special programs can be booked. Moreover if required for great occasions we can create all over the year fascinating culture events  all around the subject Africa. Odehe has the disposal of appropriate experience in stimulating set design and  target group orientated animation and realizes individual con- ceptions of Africa events dedicated likewise professional.

Within the scope of the tours workshops and schoolprojects can be booked as well. Emmanuel Gomado and some members of the ensemble have long-standing experience in teaching children and grown-ups in African dancing and drumming. Methodical sound workshops they lead very dedicated in a  lively atmosphere and rouse beginners likewise advanced. During the last 20 years of teaching  Emmanuel Gomado, who teached among other things within two years  handicapped and deaf persons as well, worked out a unique style to evolve the feeling of inner rhythm with regard to the complex metric structure of African rhythms.